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blsb's Journal

12 July 1986
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I'm 22 and live in Michigan. If you want to know anything else...ask
80's music, 90's music, accents, actors, afi, alyssa milano, angelina jolie, animals, anita blake, astrology, ballads, bam margera, bi-polar disorder, bi-sexuality, big cats, black, blade, blood, blue, books, brunettes, candles, castles, cats, celebrities, celtic music, charmed, chatting, chinese food, chocolate, clouds, comedy, comics, csi:las vegas, cutting, daria, daydreaming, deviantart, disney movies, dogs, donnie darko, dragons, drawing, dreams, dvds, eeyore, egypt, evanescence, even numbers, eyeliner, face the music, fan fiction, fantasy, fetishes, fire, flyleaf, general hospital, german, get fuzzy, ghost pics, ghost stories, ghosts, graveyards, guys, harry potter, holly marie combs, horror movies, house m.d., internet, inuyasha, irish, joey mcintyre, johnny depp, jokes, jonathan knight, kelly monaco, kittens, knives, laughing, law & order, law&order:ci, law&order:svu, learning, lions, listening, lord of the rings, matt morris, michigan, mickey mouse club, monk, moonlight, movies, music, muskegon, mutilation, myspace, mythology, naruto, nicolas cage, nkotb, oldies, openness, originality, penpals, phantom of the opera, phoebe, piercings, piper, pirates of the caribbean, play station 2, poetry, powerpuff girls, psych, psychology, puppies, purple, quotes, r&b, rain, randomness, reading, red, rings, ryan dunn, ryan gosling, sarcasm, scars, silver, singing, sleeping, slushies, sookie stackhouse, star wars, stars, storms, tattoos, tea, teen titans, the notebook, the veronicas, thunder cats, thunderstorms, tigers, tim burton, tv, uniqueness, vampires, video games, writing, x-men